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The distance between Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Airport and Gare du Nord Station is approximately 24 kilometers. If you take a taxi, it would cost you a flat rate of 50 euros. If you take the RER train, it would cost you 10 euros per person. And if you take the bus, it would cost you 6 euros per person. It's essential to consider the distance and the cost when choosing the best transfer option. 

Transfer Options From Gare du Nord Station to Charles de Gaulle Airport

Paris is a lovely city that draws millions of visitors each year, and if you're one of those visitors, you'll most likely arrive by Eurostar at Gare du Nord station. Traveling to Charles de Gaulle Airport from Gare du Nord (Paris Nord )station will have several transfer options.

Is it each to get a train from Gare du Nord to CDG Airport

The train is the most popular and affordable transfer option from Gare du Nord station to Charles de Gaulle Airport among budget and solo travelers. The RER B train runs every 10 to 15 minutes, and the journey takes approximately 30 minutes. The train station is inside the airport, making it the most convenient option for travelers. A one-way ticket costs around 10 euros; you can purchase tickets at the train station or ticket machines.

Is it each to get a train from Gare du Nord to CDG Airport

How much does a Taxi fare from Gare du Nord to Charles de Gaulle Airport

A Paris CDG taxi or UBER Taxi is perfect for those who prefer a more private van transfer and comfortable transfer option. You can easily find taxis outside the station, and the journey to the airport takes around 45 minutes, depending on traffic. The trip cost can vary but expect to pay between 50 to 70 euros. Agreeing on the fare beforehand is always a good idea to avoid surprises. 

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What is the advantage of taking a private van Shuttle from Paris to Charles de GAULLE (CDG) Airport

A Private van shuttle is the best transfer option for family transfers. Several companies offer shuttle services from Gare du Nord station to Charles de Gaulle Airport, and the journey takes around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic. The cost of the private shuttle service varies depending on the company and the number of passengers, but expect to pay around 20 to 30 euros per person. 

Additional Information for safety journey in Paris

Remember that the traffic in Paris can be heavy, especially during rush hour. Allowing extra time for your transfer is best if traveling during peak hours.

If you have much luggage, check your preferred transfer option's baggage restrictions. Taxis and private transfer van may have limited space for luggage, so it is essential to plan accordingly.

If you have any accessibility needs, check the accessibility options for your chosen transfer option. The train is generally the most accessible option, but Paris taxis and private van shuttle buses may also have accessibility options available.

Language Barrier
If you don't speak French, don't worry! Most taxi and private van shuttle drivers speak English, and the train announcements are also in English.

Booking in Advance

If you want to guarantee that you have a private transfer Paris option reserved for your arrival, booking in advance is a good idea. You can book train tickets online, and many taxi and private shuttle van bus companies also allow you to book online or over the phone.

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